Integrate Your Ego and Reconnect With Your Soul – Interactive Online Live Webinar (one to two hours in length)

This live interactive webinar will be TBD at 7:00 PM Central Time.  The webinar will be accessible using Zoom.  You will have the ability to ask questions at specific times throughout the session.  The access link will be available in your membership account portal 24 hours before the start time under the “My Courses” tab.  A recording of the webinar will be available in your membership account portal.

Topics include:

Learning to focus our attention
Becoming aware of our body
Feeling energy moving within us – chakras
Breathwork, meditation, grounding, animating the body with awareness to become available
How dense energy (blockages) manifest in our reality
Traumas and patterns, how they form and how they affect our life
The role of education, politics and religion in creating separation in society
Resistance – how to recognize it, how it affects our energy – healing inner child
How the subconscious mind controls everything if left unchecked (needs comfort) will integrate if it feels the comfort of your conscious
Intuition, what is it
Tuning into guidance
Learning to feel
Moving away from the mind and into the present moment – taking the charge away from triggers
Recognizing the inner voice and learning to trust it

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