Are you struggling to free yourself from your OVERACTIVE MIND?

If you are truly ready to conquer your anxiety caused by the constant barrage of stressful thoughts, keep reading…

Your mind is your biggest obstacle to a life of fulfillment and happiness.

Your mind isn’t really trying to work against you.  You see, it has a very limited perspective based upon all of your past experiences, traumas, failures, fears and worries.  It can only make decisions based on what it KNOWS.

Here’s a little secret to discovering exactly what your mind knows (its playbook).  Just LOOK AROUND YOU!  It is evidenced by the life you HAVE NOW (I’m talking about ALL aspects of your life, especially the parts that you don’t like, because that is what you focus on the most).

Are you struggling to stay motivated because your mind is constantly presenting you with obstacles and problems?

Do you feel trapped in your career and want to make a change, but your mind keeps reminding you of all the challenges you will face?

Is your mind keeping you focused on financial lack rather than financial abundance?

Are you afraid to take risks because you have a subconscious belief that you will fail?

Are you afraid to make decisions because you fear that you may make the wrong one?

Are you afraid to put yourself “out there” because you fear you’ll be rejected?

Do you know that your MIND has been making all your decisions? 

Do you know that your MIND is RESPONSIBLE for everything you currently experience in life?

Your mind isn’t evil.  It’s not your enemy.  It has simply taken over WAY TOO MUCH responsibility when it comes to creating your life experiences.  Your mind is operating from a limited playbook!  

Learn How to Break the Cycle of Your Overactive Mind and Take Back Control of Your Life 

You’ve always sensed something greater “out there”.  A knowing, a deeper connection, a more fulfilling life.  But until now you haven’t been able to align with your true life purpose because of the constant stress and anxiety created by your mind… Sound familiar?


You’re struggling because…

You are finding it difficult to detach from the thoughts that are consuming your energy throughout your day

You actually believe the thoughts that your mind is producing throughout your day

You’re constantly getting triggered by external events and finding it difficult to get aligned

You are extremely reactive rather than responsive when "triggered"

You haven't discovered the right tools and support to help you build the circuitry to live your life from a higher perspective (until NOW!)

Here’s what’s really going on:


The issue is you are constantly bombarded with charged thoughts and limiting beliefs that are distracting you from your soul’s purpose.

You are unconsciously choosing to align with these thoughts and as a result they are commanding your attention and consuming your energy.

When you learn how to quickly identify these charged thought patterns and limiting beliefs, you will be able to consciously make a choice to stop fueling them and greatly reduce your stress and anxiety.

Your newly reclaimed energy will now be available to make clear, conscious decisions that are fully in support of creating the life you desire!


Here’s a little secret…to stop the cycle of your overactive mind, you need to be able to:  

End the exhausting cycle of identifying with your mind so that you can finally demote it to its intended role as "assistant" to your soul

See your triggers as opportunities to heal dense, energetic patterns and put an end to the needless suffering

Realize that you are fueling your overactive mind and understand that you can instantly short circuit the unconscious flow of consuming thoughts and become a conscious creator of your life experiences!

Once you break the cycle of your overactive mind, your soul’s energy will flow freely and you’ll be able to effortlessly access your divine guidance. 

With the Soul Integration Coach Intensive Healing Program, you will have access to the tools and live support you need to QUICKLY and SUCCESSFULLY identify and break the patterns of your overactive mind! 

So, what can I offer YOU?


If you’ve seen me on YouTube, you know that I am focused on getting you out of your head and into your heart.  My purpose is to guide you into a state of presence so that you can identify the thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.  Through my Intensive Healing Program, you will have direct access to me as your personal guide.  Since I have been where you are now, I can teach you how to break the destructive cycle of your overactive mind.  I will help you move through your mental and energetic blockages so that you can grow into the highest version of you!

Here’s what you will receive in my Intensive Healing Program:

One hour private coaching sessions on Zoom 2 times per week for 6 weeks (the Intensive period - 12 sessions)

Direct message, phone calls or support chats directly with me when you feel you need extra guidance during your Intensive period

Weekly Embodiment Sessions - One hour private coaching sessions on Zoom with me for 2 months following your Intensive period to fully integrate the new you (8 sessions)

Free Starseed Ambassador Tribe Premium Membership for one year included

That’s over 50 hours of live coaching and support!

So, what does this really mean for YOU?


What you really want to know is how will the Intensive Healing Program help you finally tame your overactive mind once and for all.

Here’s what you can expect after your Intensive Healing Program:

You will be able to get into the flow of your divine energy and restore your motivation

You will learn new ways to quickly identify and detach from your subconscious thoughts that are draining your energy

You will learn how to heal the density within your body so that you can create the space necessary to ground more of your higher self

You will learn how to remain anchored and stable so that you can easily handle all of life's challenges

You will discover how your triggers represent powerful opportunities for spiritual growth (and how to detach from them and realign in the moment)

You will learn how to be respond rather than react to emotionally charged situations

You'll be able to break out of your comfort zone and begin living your life as the highest frequency version of you

You'll learn how to quickly "anchor" into your body and instantly connect to the higher dimensional realms

You'll learn how to live life from your heart rather than your mind

You'll find clarity regarding your career and relationships

We’ll take this exciting Ascension Journey together!


Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to make the shift into the REAL YOU?

Why wait?  Align with your soul and manifest the life of your dreams.  Book your free 15 minute exploration call today!


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