Very much enjoyed connecting with Marc through our session. He has such a gift for helping uncover blocks, limiting beliefs, and past trauma that are relevant to current situations and stuck energy. He navigates it through the heart in such a gentle manner and in partnership with that person. I’m still in awe at how entuned he was with my situation from our very first time meeting. He definitely created a safe place to share, be heard, and work through an area I’ve been struggling to see the path through and feeling hopeless about. At the same time he helped reinforce lessons I’ve learned, give me a few more tools to incorporate, and shift my perspective. I don’t believe in coincidences and smile at how timely it was having our session with all the new energy that is coming our way. While it wasn’t easy having these patterns come up again, I was able to take a different approach, be more aware, and flow with it in a healthier healing way; not perfect at it and that is ok. I do hope our paths cross again but in the meantime, I will remember and embody the lessons he helped me learn and do my best to be that light for others who need it.