​What is the dark night of the soul? The dark night of the soul can best be described as a spiritual depression. Those experiencing the dark night of the soul can feel as though they’ve lost their way in life. Nothing seems to make sense and life often becomes meaningless. The most common dark night of the soul symptoms include anxiety and fear. They seem to appear out of nowhere and can make it difficult to function on a daily basis.

As we move through life, we lose our connection to our higher self. We become slaves to our limiting beliefs and conditioning. The pursuit of material goals such as wealth, although exciting at first, ultimately leads to a deep feeling of unfulfillment. We ultimately come to a point where we can no longer continue down this programmed path of constantly doing to get ahead. As a result of unhappiness, we begin to search for something lost long ago, our connection to our divine energy, our soul.

From a spiritual perspective, the dark night of the soul is a blessing in disguise. It is our soul’s way of fundamentally shifting us from focusing on our outer reality to our inner awareness. This is the beginning of the process of remembering who we truly are, divine, eternal souls.

When you find yourself in the dark night of the soul, think of it as your soul’s way of telling you it’s time to reconnect. Turning inward means that we are going to need to bring awareness to all the emotions and traumas we’ve been avoiding throughout our lives. The very things that kept us in a distracted state for many years and sometimes even decades. The things we’ve been too afraid to feel. Our soul moves this dense energy from its dark hiding place within our body out into the light for us to feel (and experience). These are the dark emotions, those that give rise to fear and anxiety, that have been trapped in our subconscious for far too long. The true healing and reconnection to your soul occurs by allowing these emotions to surface and be fully felt. For far too long, we’ve been conditioned to avoid these emotions. That avoidance tactic has led to a life of distracting behavior. Decisions and activities were taken on for the sole purpose of avoiding emotional traumas. When we bring awareness to these emotions, we bring the subconscious into the light of our consciousness. This allows us to fully feel and accept these emotions, instead of avoiding them. Once we do this, we can take back our power and make decisions about our life from a perspective of awareness. We are no longer ruled by the subconscious mind.

If you find that you’ve been struggling through a dark night of the soul, know that there is a powerful beacon of light guiding you through. That beacon of light is YOU! It is that divine aspect of you that you’ve forgotten for many years. Think of the darkness as the path to walk. You are being led to your light, and it can only be found from within. Continue along the path, fully feel and experience all emotions that rise up from within. They are the breadcrumbs, the seeds of consciousness planted by your higher self. Give them the space and attention that they seek. If you can gather the courage to walk this path, you will be guided into the magic of your true life purpose!

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