Fatigue (both physical and mental) can become a common occurrence during ascension. We typically attribute this to the changes in the physical body. You might have found that no amount of rest can alleviate the exhaustion you experience on an almost daily basis. If allowed to persist, this fatigue can lead to aches, pain and even illness. What if there was another way to alleviate this chronic fatigue? I discovered that we don’t have to simply “ride it out” and live with the side effects of ascension. We can take an active role in moving the process along and restoring our high vibe energy flow.

It’s true that we are constantly receiving light code upgrades, and these upgrades activate our DNA and trigger physical changes to our bodies. This is a natural part of ascension. We tend to get into trouble when we resist the energy that is entering our body through our chakras. If we are not present and focused on our physical body, we cannot move that new, high frequency light through our system. This is what leads to fatigue, aches and pains, Illness, etc.

In this video I discuss the real reason that we become fatigued during the ascension process. I explain why we tend to resist our soul’s guidance, and how we can move into alignment to better allow our divine energy to ground through us.

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