Connecting with your spirit guides is much easier than you think.  First, you need to realize that you are already connected to your spirit guides.  In fact, you are always connected!  What separates you from your guides is the belief that you are a separate entity, and that belief comes from the information you receive from your five senses.

Quantum physics states that everything is energy.  Our material reality is nothing more than an illusion.  Waves of light manifesting as particles.  Despite their apparent physical appearance, particles are energy, and all energy is connected, like waves in an ocean.  This is true regardless of their proximity to one another.  This means that you are always connected to your spirit guides, despite not being able to see them.

When we apply these concepts to connecting with our spirit guides, the barriers we created in our mind seem to dissolve.  If we are energy, and our spirit guides are energy, there isn’t any separation.  We quickly realize that not being able to experience them in our immediate surroundings has no bearing on our ability to connect with them.  With this realization, we change our thinking from why can’t I connect with my guides to how can I perceive them.

You can perceive your guides in many different ways.  Through feelings, knowing, telepathy, receiving imagery, just to name a few.  Once you realize that you are the one controlling the interaction, you can bring awareness to the process.  It is important to release all expectations regarding how the contact is going to manifest.  If you are expecting to receive contact in a specific way, you are limiting all other methods of communication.  At this stage, it is best to remain completely open to whatever comes.

In my experience, and the experiences of my coaching clients, it is best to start with meditation.  In meditation, you are able to quiet your mind and focus inward.  The addition of conscious breathwork can help with this.  As your mind quiets, your brainwaves slow to alpha and eventually what’s known as the theta state.  The theta brainwave state is conducive to contact because your mind is quiet and your body is completely relaxed.  This cultivates a state of presence, and that opens the door to contact with your spirit guides.  As you continue practicing meditation, you will become more accustomed to the alpha and theta brainwave states.  You will begin to perceive the subtle energetic shifts that will eventually manifest as contact. As this starts to happen, remain aware of what rises up from within.  Is there a knowing? A voice? An image?  These are all forms of contact.

As you become more familiar with the method of contact utilized by your guides, it will become easier to perceive it.  This is called brainwave entrainment.  You are essentially being taught to “tune into” a specific frequency, like that on a radio.  The process of entrainment is equivalent to creating a preset button.  Once you tune into the frequency, you will know how to get back to it in the future.  Usually, if you practice meditation regularly, you’ll be able to connect to your guide’s frequency with a simple thought.  By consciously going back to the connection through meditation, you are building new pathways in the brain.  Eventually, connection becomes automatic as your subconscious brain takes over.  Once this happens, you’ll be able to connect with your guides at will.  I can connect with my guides at any point throughout my day.

You must realize that the biggest blockage to connecting with your spirit guides is you.  We are always connected, we’re just not aware of it.  Have you been seeing repeating numbers on the clock, or maybe on license plates?  Have you been hearing a song repeatedly?  These synchronicities are your spirit guides’ way of getting your attention.  They have messages and information for you.  With a little practice you can learn how to connect directly with them!

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