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A lot of you are probably feeling the ups and downs of the high frequency energy waves entering our system. There are various areas throughout the body being activated right now. Many different frequencies are coming in and they’re picking one chakra and then another chakra and all this density is coming up to be released. You will feel different areas in your body being activated. You might experience head pressure in your third eye, crown itchiness. One day maybe the throat, the next down in the root where you’re feeling it in your lower back, the sacral area, up into the solar plexus and heart chakra. Connections in those areas are being activated. So much is happening energetically. There is a huge buildup of momentum. We are on this ascension path and it is increasing in speed and velocity. It’s kind of like an airplane. Right when the airplane is going to take off it builds speed and then all of a sudden the wings get lift, the plane gets lighter and the plane takes off. That’s what’s happening right now. We have this energy moving through us at such a velocity it’s activating all these areas of density within our body. Our DNA is being activated and it’s releasing these things. We’re experiencing all sorts of symptoms. I know another common symptom is feeling feverish, feeling flushed. Your blood pressure might be going up and down. There is so much happening. This is an amazing, wonderful time.

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Many of you are probably starting to feel like reality has changed. Your external reality is feeling off, feeling different. When you think back about how life was, it feels like that just wasn’t real. You’re not identifying with that life anymore. Everything just feels different as these 5D frequencies begin to manifest. As a result, we want to work with this energy as it’s moving through us. We want to follow what our body is showing us. We want to move into these areas of our body where this energy is stuck and we want to breathe into it. We want to move our breath up and down our central channel, breathe into these areas of stuck energy, really squeeze these areas. Our body is showing us that we need to bring awareness to these areas. These areas represent stuck energy. That means we are lacking consciousness in these areas in our body. So, when we’re breathing with awareness and our breath is slowing down and we really can’t focus on an area of our body when doing breathwork or we’re feeling tightness, we are lacking consciousness in that area. When we breathe, we need to become our breath. That allows us to bring our consciousness along as our breath as we do our breathwork up and down our central channel. We can then focus on these areas and really squeeze them. We squeeze the muscles all around them to bring awareness to these areas.

As you are going through the ascension process, take it easy on yourself. If you are working with a spiritual coach, they will be the first to tell you not to overdo it. Your body is going to tell you when it’s time to rest. Don’t fight it. Your ego is going to say you need to keep doing things. Create that space, continue to do your breathwork and mind your body. If you are tired, rest. If you are feeling sore or stiff, breathe into it. It is very crucial right now. We are on this accelerated ascension path and it’s going to be like this through the end of the year and especially around the solstice. We’ve got a lot going on with Jupiter and Saturn, so much happening in the cosmos. It’s going to be a glorious, amazing time between now and the end of year. Keep that energy flowing, I cannot stress that enough. Don’t allow your ego to take over and run the show. Slow it down if need be. Honor your body, that is the main message of this post. I want you to pay attention to what your body is showing you what you are feeling and work with that energy. It is crucial at this point in time to do that. The results will be heavenly, amazing, like nothing we’ve seen up to this point!

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