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​We’ve all heard many terms regarding vibration, raising vibration, vibration dropping, needing to ground, moving energy through our body, high frequency, low frequency, 3rd 4th 5th dimensions and so on. There’s a lot of information out there but when we’re in the midst of navigating the Ascension process and our vibration is fluctuating, we’re looking for things to do to make it a little easier. I wanted to offer up this analogy and I’m hoping this really helps you.

So, when we look at the Ascension process, we can look at it as a hot air balloon. I look at this hot air balloon and I see that as the physical body, the physical vessel. During the Ascension process this balloon is getting lighter, and as the balloon gets lighter, it starts to rise up through the atmosphere. That’s what’s happening when our bodies are ascending. However, we often look at it from the wrong perspective. We go about it a little bit backwards. That’s what I want to talk about in this blog post. Many times during the Ascension process, we try to only focus on higher vibrational frequencies. And most of the time we end up ignoring the energy within our bodies, the denser energy, that is calling to us for acceptance, for love, for recognition, for integration. When we look at this in terms of a hot air balloon, we are continually trying to force more hot air into the balloon. When we do this, the balloon will start to rise and we will move into a higher frequency. Eventually, the hot air that’s causing this balloon to rise starts to cool and its density starts to change. In order to keep it at that level of high frequency we need to keep pushing hot air into it, blowing hot air into it. We have to fire up the propane for more hot air. Eventually we have to turn off the propane and the hot, higher frequency air starts to cool and we start to come back down into lower frequencies. That is a resistant way of raising our frequency and moving along the Ascension process. That is not sustainable. That occurs when we head into resistance. When we’re so focused on trying to keep our vibration high that we ignore the frequencies within us that are actually weighing us down. We get fatigued, we get tired, because our energy splits off and scatters and that eventually causes us to drop in frequency. That’s an unsustainable way of navigating the Ascension process.

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On my YouTube channel, I often talk about “going etheric”, meaning that you’re really pushing your frequency or vibration higher almost to an out-of-body feeling. That leads to a feeling of being detached from your physical body. Initially, we might think this feels great, really high vibrational. However, we can’t sustain it and we come crashing down. When we look at the balloon analogy, we can’t sustain that propane that’s causing the balloon to rise. So, eventually it shuts off and the balloon starts to sink because the air in the balloon cools and gets more dense. So, what should we do instead? Well, when we’re in the balloon we look in the basket and realize that if we could reduce the weight of the basket, it’s going to take less effort for the balloon to rise. We’re going to have less resistance. We’re not going to have to overcome as much weight. So, instead of moving into resistance and trying to raise the frequency of the balloon by putting more hot air into it, we look in the basket and start to see things that are weighing us down. This process of looking inside the basket is actually our body calling us back to itself. When we’re in that etheric feeling and we start to feel tired, fatigued, we may start to get pain because we have essentially partially detached from our physical body. We’re hanging out in our mental body or emotional body. Our awareness is not in our body. Our body will call us home, back to the basket. When we’re back in our body and we are working with the energy as it flows through us, we are bringing our awareness into the body and transmuting and integrating this energy. We can work within our body to become aware of these dense energetic areas, move our breath through them, and build the circuitry. What we’re really doing is we’re throwing the dense weight out of the basket. So, now the balloon starts to rise on its own without us having to add more energy. It just kind of naturally starts to rise without us having to add more hot air to it. We can now remain focused on the basket that is now emptied of this dense energy, or this weight, and enjoy the ride. We are now essentially grounded in the body. We’ve cleared this density so we’re no longer forcing our frequency high. (That puts us into resistance.) It’s more about focusing on the basket, focusing on our body, and integrating this dense energy. Finding it, raising its frequency and integrating it so that the weight is no longer there. That allows us to bring more of our soul’s energy into the body, become more present, more conscious, and ground more of our higher self. This makes the rise up in frequency effortless and that’s what we’re here to do!

So the key is to focus on the body and focus on the density. Let’s get the weight out of the basket so that the balloon will naturally rise. That’s what we want to do instead of staying in resistance, in trying to continually force hot air up into the balloon to compensate for the weights that we’re carrying, and compensate for the cooling that’s constantly happening which is causing the balloon to sink. That’s being resistant! So, focus on the body, focus on building the circuitry using your breathwork and meditating so you can find these blockages of energy within your body and raise your frequency. When we do that, we allow ourselves to be grounded because that’s a grounding exercise and it allows us to create space. It allows us to naturally bring in more of our higher frequency energy which in turn will lift our Consciousness into the higher Dimensions effortlessly without resistance.

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