I wanted to talk about labels and identifying with labels. What exactly is a label? If you look at it professionally, be it a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a nurse, or even a spiritual coach, maybe that’s a label. Or if you’re in college, or if you’re in high school you’re a student. That’s a label. These are words that society uses to basically put people into categories.

From the day we are born, we are taught about labels, and we are taught to identify as a label. So when you’re in kindergarten you would say, “I’m a kindergartner”. That is a label right? We go up through the grades, and we become a student, and then we’re in junior high, and then we’re a high schooler. Those are all labels. Those that go on to college or college students – that’s a label. And then we come out of college and we could go on to some career. We can become an attorney or a doctor or whatever it may be. These are things that society sets up so that we can actually be separated from our real identity. Our real identity is our soulful self or higher self. So these labels are things that are designed by society to separate us. So what will happen when the planet ascends?

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Let’s say today, everybody finds themselves in 5d. A lot of these labels, these careers, become obsolete. Where would that leave you? Let’s say everyone now has the ability to heal themselves. You’ve spent all this money going to medical school, right? In all these years you were a resident, and you learned all this knowledge about how to heal a body from a 3d perspective, and now the whole medical profession vanished. You were a doctor, where does that leave you? Have you lost anything? I mean are you gone? Do you vanish because the label of the profession vanished? The piece of paper that you had on the wall, the medical degree, is now irrelevant, obsolete. You were identified with that piece of paper, right? This applies to so many professions or labels. So, these are types of things that we need to think about as the planet ascends and moves up into 4d and later on into 5d. A lot of these things that we’ve identified with need to be released. They represent patterns of the subconscious mind. I know from just seeing people and hearing people that there is a lot of attachment to labels. As a lightworker, these are things that we could start to work on and try to help people to detach from labels because many of them are going to become obsolete.

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