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Manifestation seems to be a very popular topic.  Everybody wants to know how to make the law of attraction work.  They dive in and study the Law of Attraction, create vision boards, and take inspired action without really knowing how to activate the law of attraction.  These types of things, which are fantastic, help to start to align us.  However, there is a danger, a trap, that we can fall into when we’re trying to manifest something.  The trap is allowing our mind to step in and take over the process.  When we allow our mind to take over, we start heading down a path that we really don’t need to be traveling down.  This path bleeds us of energy.  This usually happens when we take action prematurely.  Here’s a great analogy of this.  Let’s say you go to the train station and you see four trains and they’re all going to the same destination.  One train is leaving right away and the others are leaving later.  We’re usually inclined to get on the train that’s going to leave right away because we feel that we’re going to get to our destination sooner.  However, we might not realize that the train is going to take a lot of detours.  That train is going to go the long way.  That train is actually going to get us to our destination much later than if we had just waited for the other trains to leave.  This is what happens when we try to manifest from the wrong energy, the energy of our mind’s subconscious patterns.  We end up wondering why isn’t the law of attraction working for me.

We are bound to this timeline, the third dimension, and we all have deep-rooted programs running that tell us to take action immediately.  We believe that the sooner we take action, the sooner we’re going to be able to manifest our goals or life’s purpose.  That makes sense from the perspective of the timeline and the perspective of energy that we are focusing on in 3D, but often, when we go down that path, we follow that energy, we follow the thought process, we end up encountering resistance.  That is because we are not fully aligned with our soul’s energy.  We’re not aligning with our soul’s energy because we have not allowed these ideas to fully ground.  They have not fully formed.  It’s like a seed has been planted, and as soon as the ground starts to crack, we harvest that seed before it’s fully mature. Instead, we need to create space for the seed, we need to nurture the seed and allow the seed to grow to maturity so that we can enjoy the fruit of the tree.  When we jump on that train prematurely because the mind says we have to be acting right now in order to manifest what we desire, we end up setting ourselves back.  We head into resistance.  

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These detours on the train represent resistance.  As we go down this path of jumping on these ideas as soon as they start to percolate up into our awareness, the mind takes off and takes control over the manifestation process.  Our mind puts a lot of energy into something that it does not have a complete picture of.  We don’t have a complete fullness of the idea.  We have not fully grounded the higher vibrational energy that our soul is wanting us to recognize.  As a result, the mind fills in the gaps. We see this all the time.  The mind creates from what it knows.  It creates from the patterns that we’ve developed along the way.  We may have a little bit of an idea.  This idea may be in alignment with your soul’s purpose.  However, if you have not let it fully anchor into your being so that you can take inspired action from the perspective of that higher vibrational energy, you end up taking what you think is inspired action from the denser energy of your mind.  This energy represents the patterns in the lower vibrational thoughts.  These patterns limit our ability to manifest.  That is what leads to resistance.  When we encounter resistance, when we encounter difficulties, the mind recognizes it as a repeat pattern that has happened in the past.  What does the mind do?  It tells you to plow through it.  So you keep plowing through it and you encounter more resistance.  Finally, you realize that it doesn’t feel right anymore. That is your soul’s way of telling you that you’re continuing down the hard path.  That happened because you didn’t allow the ideas to fully ground, to fully mature.  

It’s okay to sit in a void of empty space and allow ideas to start to come through.  As you start to recognize these ideas (maybe these they come in as thoughts), and you start to focus on them, the mind is going to kick in and say “let’s run, let’s get on that first train, let’s go”.  That’s when we want to have restraint.  We want to be patient.  We want to create the space for this to continue because you know that the idea is just the beginning.  The knowing of how to execute the idea, the knowing of which action to take is really key because that’s going to keep you out of resistance when you’re trying to manifest.  You need to allow this knowing to ground.  

Much of the problem with the law of attraction is that people are too eager to start.  They run off at that first thought, that first spark of a frequency that feels really good.   They feel it and off they go, springing into action.   They never allow the entire process, the “how to” to fully ground.  They end up in resistance and find themselves again asking how to make the law of attraction work.  They eventually lose motivation, they get bored.  So, the next time you’re feeling this, sit with it, ground it, allow it to fully anchor.  Allow space for it to be.  When you sit with an idea and don’t immediately do anything about it, you will attract more knowledge and knowing of how to act on it.  The support will start to come.  You’ll start to notice synchronicities.  Events are going to happen externally that are going to be aligned with that idea and that will be fully supportive of it.  Moving forward will become easy, natural.  So, instead of diving into resistance, taking off and trying to create that support externally, you’ll find that the support is coming to you!  

There’s going to be a point when this new idea, this frequency, is bubbling up in you.  You will know in your soul how to step forward and take action. Your mind will not have to lead that process.  The mind will simply be there to support it and that’s what we want.  That is how to make the law of attraction work.  In spiritual coaching sessions with my clients, I help them to stay on the right track in the manifestation process.  So, don’t jump on the first train you think is going to get you to your destination just because it’s leaving early.  Hang out and let that frequency anchor.  Let it fill in because with it, as you ground it, the knowledge of how to move forward will manifest through. You will find that you will be moving towards your purpose with very little resistance!

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