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Shadow work, we’ve all heard the term.  We often cringe when we talk about Shadow work.   When shadow work comes up in conversation, we think about having to suffer.  We think about having to bounce around in the dense emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, etc.  What is shadow work?  Here’s an analogy: Think of a doorway and our soul fragments are lined up at the doorway, waiting to come through to be healed.  This analogy allows us to become aware of their presence and create the space within our body so that we can integrate and heal those aspects of us.  Doesn’t that make sense?  So, we’ve got these aspects of our soul that are waiting to come in and basically finish their healing process right here and now and experience the ascension of Gaia with us, as one, integrated soul.  The amazing part is that all this is happening while in our physical bodies!  Essentially, we created our body to be able to offer up this point of integration.  

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In order to create the space required to hold the higher frequency energy of our soul fragments, we need to transmute the areas of dense energy that are trapped within our physical body.  We need to raise the frequency of our body and reconnect these areas of trauma with the wholeness of our soul.   When we experience these dense areas of energy and raise their frequency, everything vibrates faster and we create space.  As a result, the new, higher frequency energy triggers our DNA and more of our dormant DNA activates.  As in the doorway analogy, we can now offer up space for those aspects of us to step forward and heal.  We hold the space and we allow them to come down and integrate.  As they approach, we feel the emotional trauma and emotional trigger of these versions of us that are waiting to come down.  We become present with the emotions and feel them, without judgement.  As the dense energy begins to rise in frequency, we invite the soul fragments in to re-join us.  This is a repetitive aspect of the ascension process.  

As we heal a particular trauma and that fragment reintegrates, we look at the doorway and observe the next soul fragment waiting to come in.  As the next fragment moves closer and shines their light of consciousness on us, we have the opportunity to observe it’s wounds.  We become aware of the traumas by the feelings we experience.  This happens because the fragment’s high frequency energy encounters a filter.  This filter is our physical body.  Do you remember when we were younger when you were in a movie theater, the light would come on and you would hold your fingers up and make shadow puppets,  maybe a rabbit or a bird?  You would get creative with that, right?  Well, when these fragments are ready to come down, they shine their high frequency energy on us and that then causes the shadow to project out into our reality.  We need their high frequency energy to cast light so we can become aware of our shadow.  Just as we need the sun or another source of light to see our physical shadow.  We cannot observe it while in a dark room.  Does this make sense?  As this higher frequency encounters these energetic blockages in the body it affects our energy field.  The frequency that they are bringing in is triggering a frequency that we need to release so that they can come down and integrate.  The filter of our physical body causes the energy that needs to be healed to be reflected out, just like that shadow puppet gets reflected out into our reality.  As a result, we may feel the dense energy as unprocessed emotions that need to be healed.  We can even experience this energy as a physical manifestation, such as shadow beings and things like that.   It’s being reflected out into our reality so we can become aware of it and heal it.  As we do that, we raise the frequency of these areas in our body and then merge or integrate our soul fragments into our physical body and become one integrated soul, right here, right now!

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