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It’s Lion’s Gate time again!  I want to talk about this amazing phenomenon that began a few days ago and it’s going to peak in August.  It’s called the Lion’s Gate portal.  A truly magical time.  A great time for spiritual expansion and growth.  I want to make sure that you take full advantage of it.  

We’re coming into the 2020 Lion’s Gate portal.  As the star Sirius rises, the energy is building.    We are coming into a magical alignment of the earth and this star.  This alignment opens up a portal for amazing, high frequency cosmic energy to wash over Earth.  This happens every year in August, however, this year seems to be a little bit different.  The Earth has been going through a great clearing of the collective consciousness in 2020.  A lot of dense energy has  been coming up to be released.  I’ve talked about this in previous videos.  All this clearing and releasing has been creating a lot of space and lightworkers have been doing a lot of work here to help this process along and to help Gaia in her ascension process.  

I know for many of you, as I know for me, that the last couple months have been a little bit rocky, little bit rough.  What’s been happening behind the scenes is that we’ve been creating a tremendous amount of space to become ready to ground this incoming light.  Now, this morning, when I was communicating with my Pleiadian guide, she had indicated to me that they are staged and set up to help direct this cosmic energy into the Earth’s energetic field.  This allows us an opportunity to really absorb and transmute whatever’s hanging out within us that is still there to be healed.  So, we want to be really aware of what’s going on within our minds so that we can focus on these things that no longer serve us.  That’s what’s happening right now as we move more towards the 8th of August when the Lion’s Gate Portal fully opens. These energies are really going to kick up and activate DNA deep within us, within our tissue.  All this new space that we’ve created is going to allow us to really anchor this light and we are going to start to see some major, major shifts in consciousness.  As lightworkers, we’re going to start to align more with our purpose and we’re going to really anchor in the feeling of trust.  We’re going to get in that current of flow and just let go.  

This is really powerful energy.  The reason I’m doing this video is because I want to tell all of you to make sure that you work on releasing what no longer serves you.  As things come up, continue to observe these feelings and emotions.  Feel them, release them. spend a little bit more time working on yourself in meditation.  Do some more grounding exercises, stay really hydrated and be true to the emotions and feelings that you’re being shown.  Everything’s going to be amplified but you have to keep it in perspective.  You will be releasing the remaining  fragments of shadows, energetic patterns, that have been running within you.  We’ve done a lot of clearing over the past few months and these fragments are coming up again in the midst of this powerful energy so that we can finally release a lot of this stuff.  Really focus on that.  Be mindful and know that you are in the presence of very powerful, very strong high frequency divine light and that you are being fully supported by your star family. 

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Our star family is here in orbit.  There are many craft in the atmosphere and they are working with this energy.  They are stabilizing the Earth’s core frequency for us so that we can easily integrate this energy and, as a result, it is available to all of us NOW.  We want to make sure that we take a conscious step in that direction to integrate this light.  So, in order to do that we have to look at these fragments that are coming up right now and work with them to release them.  Let’s be fully conscious and aware at this time.  This is when manifestation really starts to take hold and build momentum.  If we can shift our awareness towards the inside and learn to trust, we can get in that boat, cast off into the river, and just let it flow!  

I was communicating with my main spirit guide this morning.  He was reiterating the trust factor.  Many of you will find that new abilities, new communication with guides, and things like that are starting to come online at this time.  That is very real so don’t discount that!   You may start to see energy more vividly.  You may start to see craft when you look at the night sky.  This is a function of all this new energy.  Your vibration is increasing.  When this happens, sink into that feeling and don’t discount it.  It’s your compass.  It is guiding you inward because more of your DNA is being activated.  If you can turn your awareness inward and really focus on creating as much space as you can, you can ground so much of this new energy.  You can really accelerate your spiritual growth! 

There is an infinite amount of power and an infinite amount of energy involved with this portal.  The date of 8/8 represents infinity.  It’s been a huge growth opportunity for me since I awakened.  This time of year has been so incredibly powerful for me.  I’ve experienced huge surges in my growth every year during the Lion’s Gate Portal.  I’ve learned to take advantage of it.  I know that the period leading up to this may have been rough, but I know that I’ve been  creating space and I’ve grown to trust that.  So, for those of you that have been struggling, know that you are fully being supported and you have an infinite abundance of energy coming in from the central sun and our spiritual star.  Be available to take it in and allow the energy healing process to accelerate.  Work with it, let it flow, release what no longer serves you, and make sure you focus inward.  Be available to receive whatever comes because this energy holds the potential for life-changing jumps in timelines and life-changing jumps in reality.  Many things can happen during this time and it’s all for your greater good.  Make sure you work with this energy.  Make sure you create and maintain that space, release what no longer serves you, and really focus on turning inward.  Feel into your solar plexus and heart chakra.  It is huge during this time.  Follow what your body is telling so that you can get in tune with your soul.  You will get aligned and you will bring forth that new energy.  Know that that energy is you and that YOU intended to come here and ground it and manifest from it.  So, take full advantage of this magical time!

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