In this blog post, I wanted to give you a real quick update on the May energies that are washing down on us.  It’s a very interesting time for sure, especially with what’s happening collectively and I wanted to fill you in a little bit about what’s happening. 

We’re heading into mid-May and I wanted to just give a quick update on what I’ve been receiving regarding the energies that we’re being bathed in at this time.  We are having really high vibrational energy washing over us now.  What’s happening with the collective is that the collective is releasing a lot of density and we, as lightworkers, are here to ground this high frequency light that is coming in.  So, we’re going to feel a little bit squirrelly during this time.  I equate it to a rubber band.  We’re really being stretched.  As we’re getting bathed in these energies, we’re being stretched and in that stretching we are to create space and ground as much of this energy as possible and just hold that frequency.  Try to hold those frequencies and integrate them.  As we do that, we’re going to start to relax a little bit just like the rubber band.  This new space will have a lasting effect.  The rubber band is not going to come back to where it was before the expansion.  When it contracts, it’s going to be a little bit more relaxed than it was prior to this energy. 

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This is a process, it’s literally an ascension / descension cycle.  Now, what I’m being told is that during this ascension cycle, as we are grounding this energy and as we start to move back into the descension cycle, we are going to be thrown back into the mind at times.  We’re going to feel like we are identifying with the mind.  We’re going to feel as though we’ve been cut off from our soul’s energy.  We really want to take that opportunity and have compassion for our ego (our subconscious) and really anchor that feeling because when we move back into alignment with our soul’s energy, we’re going to have the opportunity to take that with us and integrate it.  So, instead of viewing things from the outside in, we’re going to start to make the switch to view it from the inside out.  It’s important to remember to focus on breathwork and grounding during this time of expansion.

These high frequencies that we’re bringing into our body are going to start manifesting outward.  They will significantly increase our ability to manifest.  So, that’s the information I am receiving.  It’s a very interesting time, we just have to remember to do the work especially when we feel like we’re identified with the ego.  That’s the time to do the work and take what we’ve anchored so far and apply it with compassion and bring the mind into the party so to speak.  This is a very interesting time and a fantastic growth opportunity!

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