Welcome to my blog! My name is Marc Abrams. I know you’re probably thinking “here’s another guy talking about spiritual awakening and ascension”. Well, that’s partially true. However, I bring a different perspective to the process.

I had a spiritual awakening a few years ago and my life has been crazy ever since. When I say crazy, I mean significant growth, amazing experiences, ET experiences, and deceased loved ones coming around. I’ve even had deceased pets come around. It’s been like a whirlwind ever since. In future blog posts, I plan to take you through the process I went through, the experiences I’ve had, some of the sticking points I’ve come across and what I’ve done to help me grow and get past those.

I know there’s a lot of content out there on the internet, a lot of people doing videos on spiritual awakenings. I’ve actually used a lot of those. I’ve listened to countless hours of wonderful people out there that are helping those that are in the various stages of the awakening process, and they’re amazing! I plan on bringing a new, fresh perspective, and grounding some information that may be more direct than what you’ve heard in the past. So if you’re looking for a new way of doing things, you’re in the right place! For an immediate taste of what I have to offer, click here to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

As a spiritual coach and energy healer, I feel I can bring some information on how to move past the roadblocks we come across in the awakening process, and how to create space energetically throughout the body so that you can release and clear more quickly. I want to talk about breathing techniques and moving energy up and down throughout the body. Remember, everything is energy. And what we want to do is work with energy. A lot of times we’re focused on our minds. We want to bring our awareness down into the body where the answers lie. The heart space is the key to connecting with our higher self. I will talk about meditation, the third eye (what is it, how do I open it), those types of topics.

Let’s touch on meditation briefly. Many people think they can’t meditate. They’re told they have to in order to create space. This is true, however, there are several ways to meditate in addition to the traditional methods. I had my awakening by a pool last summer, while listening to my favorite band, Genesis…rock music! These are the types of perspectives and fresh ideas I will be talking about. So, sign up for the Soul Integration Coach newsletter and keep up with the latest posts and information. I know you’ll resonate with this!

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